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Bitter Gourd Tea is ideal to control sugar disorders promptly and is rich with many vitamins and minerals that could increase metabolism and help lead a healthy lifestyle.  This tea is rich in have healthy fibers that could help relieve bowel disorders and act as an -anti-oxidant that could reduce inflammation and inhibit unnatural cell growth. Moreover, researches done by the Asian Congress of Diabetics was later published at the ‘Art of well-being through Asian Dietic Practice-2010’ at Bangkok (Thailand).

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Bitter Gourd (i.e. Karawila or Momordica charantia) is one of the most promising medicinal plants used to control sugar disorders. Bitter Gourd is a nutritional vegetable that sustains a healthy lifestyle, as it increases metabolism and is a rich source of vitamins and minerals such as iron, magnesium, potassium, vitamin A & C.
Fadna Bitter Gourd tea is rich in anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, that also promotes longevity and prevent abnormal cell growth. Hence, this tea is ideal for everyone who refuses to consume Bitter Gourd as a vegetable, but wants to infuse the nutrition in it to one’s diet.
Bitter Gourd is rich in polypeptides, which is an insulin like component known as Cheratin, that helps control blood glucose levels. Since, it is also rich in healthy fibers, it helps relieve bowel disorders such as constipation.
The efficacy of this product has been proven at the 5th Asian Congress of Diabetes-2010 held in Thailand, where the researchers proclaimed the effectiveness of using Fadna Karawila Tea and raised awareness that it will not cause any undue damages to the kidney or liver.
It is advisable to drink this tea twice a day before meals, without any additives such as milk or sugar; as it promises to give you a pleasant tea experience.
• Control sugar disorders.
• Prevent abnormal cell growth.
• Purifies blood.
• Treats intestinal worms.
• Good for skin disorders.
• Rich in anti-cancer properties.
• Rich in Vitamin K, that helps in blood coagulation and wound healing.

• Contains anti-ageing properties.


  • 3 Boxes in 1 Pack (30Tea Bags)
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