Handmade Garlic Mortar, Household Garlic Mortar, Stone Mortar And Grinder


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Product information:
Color: Small polished stone mortar with lid, medium polished stone mortar with lid
[Name]: Garlic Mortar
[Alias]: Garlic mortar, lycoris mortar, Yimeng mountain blue lycoris mortar, garlic press, garlic nest, medicine pot, medicine masher
[Introduction:] Garlic masher, a small household commodity in the kitchen, with a bowl shape and a small mallet.
[Material]: The whole piece of natural bluestone is chiseled and polished
[Appearance]: Simple, simple, elegant and beautiful
[Color:] The new stone mortar is slightly whitish, showing the natural color of bluestone after use
[Use]: pounding garlic, processing grains, beans, making baby food supplement, pounding spices, chili, Chinese medicine, etc.
Product quality level: qualified product
Style: Chinese tradition
Whether it is electric: No
(SET1) Small polished stone mortar with lid
(SET2) medium polished stone mortar with lid

Weight2550.00 kg
Dimensions120 × 80 × 110 cm


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