Philips Satin Shave Essential Wet and Dry Electric Shaver HP6306/00



With this all-round Lady shave you can shave your whole body quickly, easily and safely. The secret is the small shaving head that cuts quickly while protecting your skin. A soft and smooth feeling after every use!

Shave in or out of the shower – Wire free shaving

Fits comfortably in your hand – Profiled, ergonomic grip

Ultimate skin protection system – Safe shaving system for ultimate skin protection




  • Protection cap
  • Cleaning brush

Technical data

Power source: 2 x AA batteries

Shaving foil: 1

Material foil: Nickel

Number of guard teeth: 40

Number of cutter teeth: 36

Number of lamella: 25

Pressure trimmer (N): 2.5+/-1.0

Pressure foil system (N): 2.5+/-1.0

Rotation per minute: 6500+/-1000 rpm

Motor: SFE-180S-2867-38 V

Voltage: 3.0V dc

Housing material: ASB

Weight Ladyshave: 104 g

Color(s): Pink housing decor

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